Assigns an image file to a dialog or dialog element. If no path information is supplied, the image file is searched for in the logon library's RES subdirectory first, then in the RES subdirectory of each steplib, then in the directory assigned to the environment variable NATGUI_BMP. If no image file with this name exists in any of the search paths, the file "default.bmp" or "default.ico" (for dialogs) is searched for, using the same search sequence. If even this search fails, a hard-coded default image stored as an executable file resource is used.

For dialogs, tab control tabs and status bar panes, the image file must be an icon file (*.ico), which is used to provide the dialog's icons.

For image controls, the image file may be either a bitmap file (*.bmp), a JPEG file (*.jpg), a GIF file (*.gif) or an icon file, which is used to provide the image control's image(s). By default, the image file is assumed to contain a single image. However, if the image file is a bitmap file and the image control's "Composite image (C)" STYLE is set, the bitmap is assumed to contain multiple images joined together into one big composite image, the size of the individual images being determined by the image list's ITEM-W and ITEM-H attributes. For more information, please refer to the article Working with Image List Controls.

For all other dialog elements, the image file must be a bitmap file, JPEG file or GIF file, which is assumed to consist of a single image.

Applies to Dialogs (all types), bitmap control, image control, menu item, signal,

status bar pane, tab control tab, tool bar item, wallpaper control.

Data Type A253
Default Value Empty string
Possible Values Empty string, or file name of up to 253 alphanumeric characters