Invoking and Terminating SYSRPC

This section provides instructions for starting and terminating the SYSRPC utility and invoking the help function.

Invoking SYSRPC

You can invoke the SYSRPC utility by using a system command.

Start of instruction set To invoke SYSRPC

  • In the Command line, enter the following command:


    The Client Maintenance menu of the SYSRPC utility appears.

From the Client Maintenance menu, you can invoke all functions available for RPC (remote procedure call) maintenance:

See the relevant sections for descriptions of these functions.

Terminating SYSRPC

Start of instruction set To terminate the SYSRPC utility

  • In the Code field of the Client Maintenance menu, enter a period (.).

    Choose PF3 (Exit).

Invoking Online Help

Start of instruction set To invoke the online help function

  • Choose PF1 (Help).