%E - Display Screen Captures


With this command, you can display any screens that have been captured with the Page Data Set function;.

This command suspends normal processing and enters the display mode of the Page Data Set function: A list of all screens captured with this function (by using the terminal commands %I and %P) is displayed; including screen number, time of capturing, and map name (if the screen is a map). From the list you can then select the screens you wish to have displayed. You cannot enter any data on the displayed screens.

When a screen is captured with %I or %P, two items of information are superimposed on the screen: the time when the screen was captured, and a screen number (the screens are numbered sequentially in the order in which they are captured).

A window will be displayed in which you can scroll through the list of screens captured. With ENTER, you can select a screen for display. With ESC, you leave the function.

See also the terminal commands %P, %O, %S, and %I.