This system command invokes the SYSRPC utility which is used to maintain remote procedure calls.

You can specify direct commands with the SYSRPC system command in order to perform RPC-specific tasks. These tasks and the individual-syntax that applies to the direct commands are described in detail in SYSRPC Utility in the Tools and Utilities documentation:

Direct Command Purpose and Related Topics
CSMASS Calculates buffer sizes required for RPC calls.

See Calculating Size Requirements and Using the SYSRPC CSMASS Command.

PING Pings a single or all defined servers.

See Pinging an RPC Server and Using the SYSRPC PING Direct Command.

SGMASS Generates multiple interface objects.

See Generating Multiple Interface Objects and Using the SYSRPC SGMASS Command.

SM REPLACE Replaces single or multiple items in a service directory

See Replacing Items in the Service Directory.

SRVLIST Provides information on Natural RPC servers registered on EntireX Broker: see Listing Servers Registered on EntireX Broker.

For information on how to apply the SYSRPC utility functions to establish a framework for communication between server and client systems, refer to the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.