EDITOR - Other Program Editor

This Natural profile parameter can be used to invoke a program editor other than the standard editor provided by Software AG.

The parameter has no effect if Natural editors are disabled in your environment. For more information, see Disabled Natural Editors in the Editors documentation.

Possible settings any character string

Name of the editor you want to use. Specification, see below.

Default setting NATEDIT Standard editor provided by Software AG.
Dynamic specification no  
Specification within session no  

If an external editor is being used, the 4-digit line numbers at the beginning of each Natural source line have to be added manually, if an existing source is edited.

To use an external editor, specify the path and editor name:

path-name editor-name command-to-specify-line %l command-to-specify-file %f

The string before %l is replaced by the ASCII representation of the line number. The string before %f is replaced by the file name as known by Natural.

The use of an external editor is not recommended as code page conflicts may arise. These conflicts can - but not necessarily must - deteriorate your source code.


vi +%l %f

To use "vi" as a program editor, edit your parameter files as specified. If the existing parameter files are not updated, the specified editor (that is, "vi") cannot find the error line.