CP - Default Code Page Name

This Natural profile parameter defines the default code page for Natural data and Natural sources.

Possible settings 1 - 64 characters The name of the desired code page.
' ' (blank) Reset to system code page.
Default setting ' ' (blank) System code page.
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

The system code page is detected via ICU (International Components for Unicode). On the platforms supported by Natural for UNIX, you should always define the CP parameter, because the ICU default could be defined differently for different UNIX platforms and this definition can as well change for a specific platform with newer ICU versions. Moreover, the system code page on Linux is often UTF-8. UFT-8 is basically not a code page, but a Unicode encoding; it is a multi-byte encoding where the length of one character can be 1 through 4 bytes. It is unlikely that the A format encoding is UTF-8 because Natural statements such as REDEFINE will not work on an encoding with a variable character length. For this reason, an error will be displayed if the system code page is UTF-8 and the CP parameter has to be set to a valid code page in this case.