z/OS Environment

This part contains information about Natural under the operating system z/OS.

The following topics are covered:

Natural under z/OS Contains an overview of special considerations that apply when you are running Natural under z/OS online or in batch mode.
Authorized Services Manager Describes the functionality and operation of the Authorized Services Manager (ASM) which is available under z/OS.
Natural Roll Server Functionality Explains the functions of the Natural Roll Server in general, its use in a single z/OS system and in a z/OS Parallel Sysplex environment.
Natural Roll Server Operation Provides information on the roll server system requirements, operation, performance tuning and restart capability.

The codes that Natural may receive when the Roll Server is used during a Natural session runtime are output by the corresponding teleprocessing interfaces (Natural under CICS or Natural under IMS TM). For a list of these codes, refer to the Return Codes and Reason Codes of the Roll Server Request in the Messages and Codes documentation.