Selectable Units for New Natural Features

Natural selectable units provide the option to use selective new or changed Natural features as required instead of completely upgrading to a new Natural version.

Selectable units are implemented as NATSUPvr module (depending on the Natural version installed) which is loaded on request during Natural session start. However, if you want to use selectable units under CICS TS, you need to perform the optional installation step described in Selectable Units Module in Installing Natural CICS Interface on z/OS in the Installation documentation.

Beginn der AnweisungslisteTo select and activate or deactivate selectable units

  • Set the SELUNIT profile parameter as described in the Parameter Reference documentation.

Beginn der AnweisungslisteTo list all available selectable units and their operational status

  • Issue the SHOWSU system command described in the System Commands documentation.

    The SHOWSU - Selectable Units screen appears with a list of all selectable units available in your environment and indicates their current status (available and/or active) as specified with the SELUNIT profile parameter.

Beginn der AnweisungslisteTo list active selectable units only

  1. If you only want to list all selectable units that are currently active in your environment, issue the SYSPROD system command (see the System Commands documentation).

  2. On the Installed Products screen, enter the line command SU in the Product Name column next to Natural.

    If a selectable unit is active in your environment, a window opens indicating the number of the unit and the Natural feature supported by this unit. Otherwise, the window shows the message No unit activated.

    If you enter the command SU for a Product Name that does not support Natural selectable units, a corresponding message appears.