Natural for DL/I

This documentation provides information on Natural in a DL/I environment. It describes the operation of Natural for DL/I, as well as special considerations on Natural statements when used with DL/I.

This documentation covers:

General Information Brief information on features.
Accessing DL/I Data How to enable access to DL/I databases using Natural statements.
Natural Parameter Modifications for DL/I Parameters contained in NDLPARM, storage estimates, and Natural for DL/I in z/OS environments.
Operation Describes the procedures NATPSB, NATDBD, NATUDF, and the generation of DDMs from DL/I segment types.
System File Structure Describes the database structure, the segment data and the processing intent of an application.
Natural Batch Utilities Describes the system file transfer of NDBs, NSBs and UDFs from one FDIC and the use of the batch utility NDUDFGEN to generate Natural data areas.
Execution Describes PSB scheduling, the CALLNAT interface, support of IMS TM-specific features, fast path and GSAM, and CICS mode processing under IMS TM.
Programming Language Considerations Natural versus third generation languages, Natural statements with DL/I, Natural system variables with DL/I.
Problem Determination Guide Actions required to correct a given problem.
Performance Considerations How to increase the performance of  Natural in a DL/I environment.
DL/I Services Terminology and maintenance of NDBs and NSBs.

Related Documentation

For installation instructions, see Installing Natural for DL/I in the Installation for z/OS documentation.

For various aspects of accessing data in a database with Natural, refer to Database Access in the Programming Guide.

For a list of DL/I status codes and abend codes (under CICS only), refer to Status Codes and Abend Codes in the Natural Messages and Codes documentation.