This command is used to renumber the lines in the source code currently in the work area of a Natural editor.

If you want to renumber alphanumeric or Unicode constants, make sure that the RNCONST profile parameter is set to ON.

If you enter the command without parameter, depending on the total number of source lines in the work area, the following default increment values are used for renumbering:
0001 to 0999 lines: increments of 10
1000 to 1999 lines: increments of 5
2000 to 4999 lines: increments of 2
5000 lines and more: increments of 1
RENUMBER (n) n can be used to specify a value between 1 and 9999 as the increment for renumbering. If the given increment value would cause the renumbering to exceed the 9999 line number limit, the default increment value is used instead.

See also Renumbering of Source-Code Line Number References in the Programming Guide.