YD - Year Differential

This Natural profile parameter can be used to adjust the current machine date (as read by using the internal machine time) by adding/subtracting a number of years to/from it. This may be useful for countries that use different calendars.

Possible settings -499 to 499

The parameter is specified as YD=+nnn or YD=-nnn

where nnn is the number of years.

The following considerations apply:
  1. If the current year is a leap year, but the year resulting from the YD setting is not, the 1st March will be used instead of the 29th February.

  2. The date resulting from the sum of the profile parameters TD, DD and YD must be in the range of January 1, 1582 through December 31, 2699, if the MAXYEAR profile parameter is set to its default setting of 2699.

  3. If the profile parameter MAXYEAR is set to 9999, the maximum YD value is calculated as follows:

    9999 - current machine date year = maximum YD value

    This means, that the maximum YD value decreases with each increase of the current machine date year. It is never a fix value.

    For example, if MAXYEAR is set to 9999 and the current machine date year is 2017, then the calculated maximum YD value is 7982.

Default setting 0  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no