ULANG - User Language

This Natural profile parameter specifies the language to be used for date edit masks, system messages, user messages, help texts, helproutines, and multi-lingual maps. The setting is used to set the Natural system variable *LANGUAGE.

Possible settings 1 - 60 Natural language code.


  1. For example, 1 is assigned to English, 2 is assigned to German, 3 is assigned to French.
  2. For a detailed list of language codes, see the table in the documentation of the *LANGUAGE variable.
Default setting 1  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  
Application programming interface USR1005N See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.


  1. Within the session, the language code can be specified using the terminal command %L=.
  2. Screen Design, Skill-Sensitive User Interfaces in the Programming Guide.