TMPSORTUNIQ - Unique Names for Temporary Sort Work Files

If this profile parameter is specified, Natural assigns a unique file name to the temporary work file generated during the sort operation. Any values specified with the ETID profile parameter are not included in the file name.

By default, Natural creates work file names with the values of the ETID setting and the user ID embedded. This results in file names which are unique to a particular Natural session, but may cause problems in environments where the ETID contains characters which are invalid within a file name, or where multiple Natural sessions are running which use the same user ID and no ETID specification (thus possibly resulting in work file names for sort operations being created which are not unique).

Possible settings specified or not specified If TMPSORTUNIQ is specified, Natural generates a unique name for the temporary sort work file.
Default setting not specified  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no