ML - Position of Message Line

This profile and session parameter specifies the line to be used for the display of applications which do not set the message line position explicitly by using the SET CONTROL 'M' statement.

Possible settings B Natural messages are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
T Natural messages are displayed at the top of the screen.
Default setting B  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session yes  
Applicable statements SET CONTROL 'M'  
Applicable command GLOBALS  
Application programming interface USR1005N See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.


  1. For information on the operand 'M', see the Natural terminal command %M (Control of Message Line).
  2. The profile parameter ML does not exist in the Configuration Utility. Use session parameter ML instead.
  3. Within a Natural session, the profile parameter ML can be overridden by the session parameter ML.