Top Information Line

The top information line of the editor screen is indicated by double greater than signs (>>). It contains the following items (from left to right):

  • Columns

    The first and the last column currently displayed. You can enter text beyond the 72nd column, but to ensure that data can be handled by other platforms you are advised to use only columns 1-72.

  • Object Type

    The type of object currently in the source work area. If no object type or object name is specified when the program editor is invoked, object type Program is displayed by default.

    The object type can be changed by using the SET TYPE editor command.

  • Object Name

    The name of the object currently in the source work area. No name is displayed if the source work area is empty or if the current source code has not yet been saved as a source object (see also Saving and Cataloging Sources).

  • Lines

    The total number of lines currently used by the editor (source lines and information lines).

  • User

    The ID of the current user.