Editor Buffer Pool Settings

It may be necessary to increase the size of the buffer pool above the default setting of 400 KB. See the profile parameter description of EDTBPSIZE in the Parameter Reference documentation.

Multiple Editor Sessions

When you open a new editing session from the program editor, the old session is stored in the buffer pool if the profile parameter EDTRB (see the Parameter Reference documentation) is set. When you leave the new session with the cancel or exit function (see also Exit Function), the old session is freed from the buffer pool. The NEXT editor command can be used to jump from one active session to another.

If the EDTRB parameter is switched OFF, the ring buffer is not used, and the new session replaces the current session. If the editor profile parameter AUTOSAVE (see Editor Commands) is switched on, the contents of the corresponding session are saved to FUSER.

If you intend to use the LOG editor command, we recommend that you increase the size of the buffer pool to 1 MB. Changes are generally stored in the buffer-pool editor.