Disabled Natural Editors

Since Natural Version 9.1, the following Natural editors have been disabled (deactivated) by default in a local z/OS mainframe and UNIX environment:

  • Program editor,

  • Data area editor,

  • Map editor.

This change does not affect the following:

  • DDM editor (SYSDDM utility),

  • Software AG Editor/Natural ISPF,

  • EDT system command for the line editor,

  • Batch mode processing (batch programs will run as usual),

  • Predict EDIT DESCRIPTION system command,

  • Super Natural EDIT REPORT system command,

  • APIs and user exits that access editor interfaces.

You can use the TECH system command (or corresponding API USR2026N) and the *EDITOR system variable to find out whether Natural editors are disabled in the current Natural environment.

Disabled Natural editors are substituted by the editors provided with NaturalONE. For this purpose, NaturalONE and Natural Development Server are supplied free of charge for mainframe customers who move their development environment to NaturalONE.

If Natural editors are disabled in the current Natural environment, the editor-related functions of the following commands and features are no longer supported and a corresponding error message is returned when you request an edit function:

  • EDIT system command,

  • LIST system command,

  • SCAN system command,

  • MAINMENU system command,

  • SYSEXT utility.

If you want to continue editing with the Natural program, data area or map editor, contact your local Software AG sales organization.