Invoking and Terminating DDM Services

This section provides instructions for invoking and terminating DDM Services.

Start of instruction setTo invoke DDM Services

  • From the Natural main menu, choose Services and, from the selection window, choose DDM Services or enter a D.

    From the Natural main menu, choose Direct and, in the Direct Command window, enter the following:


    The DDM Services screen appears as shown in the example below:

     2004-09-09                       DDM Services              Library: SYSTEM     
     17:15:21               V 6.1.1 Pl 9   Software AG 2004     DBID   :            
     User: SAG                                                  FNR    :            
    ¦   Library         DDM Maintenance           Services Profile         Quit    ¦
    Logon to DDM library                                                            

    The menus provided on the DDM Services screen are explained in the relevant sections of the DDM Services documentation.

Start of instruction setTo terminate DDM Services

  • On the DDM Services screen, choose Quit.

    The Natural main menu appears.