This section describes the prerequisites required to use an IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) under Natural.

Prerequisites for Installation and License File Requirements

zIIP support by Natural requires that Natural Batch for zIIP, Natural for CICS for zIIP, Natural for Com-plete for zIIP and/or Natural for IMS for zIIP is installed at your site including an extra product license for each environment in which your Natural session runs.

You can use the LIC option of the ZIIP system command (see the System Commands documentation) to display and check the Natural for zIIP license file installed at your site. As an alternative, you can use the Natural License Information function of the SYSTP utility (see the Utilities documentation).

All prerequisites for installation are described in Installing Natural for zIIP in the Installation for z/OS documentation.

Requirements and Restrictions for Com-plete and CICS

The Natural Com-plete/SMARTS Interface or Natural CICS Interface version installed at your site must support Natural for zIIP and the prerequisites for installation mentioned earlier must be fulfilled.

The requirements and restrictions described in this section depend on the version of the Natural Com-plete/SMARTS Interface or Natural CICS Interface installed.

The requirements and restrictions that apply when using Natural for zIIP under Com-plete help optimize runtime performance and reduce the number of SRB/TCB switches to a minimum:

  • The Natural startup application must be cataloged with the Com-plete ULIB attribute PV (privileged) specified. For more information, see the appropriate Com-plete documentation.

  • If the Natural profile parameter RELO is set to ON, the number of Com-plete threads should match the number of zIIP users to minimize the number of theads rolled in and out during a session. For more information, see the description of the Com-plete startup parameter THREAD-GROUPS in the Com-plete documentation.