Restart Load

You can use the restart load function to resume load functions that terminated abnormally. If the load function terminates before the work file has been processed completely, with the restart load you can continue from the point of termination.

The restart load requires that restart information is written to a Natural object of the type text (text member) in accordance with the selection criteria, options and parameter settings specified for the load.

Start of instruction setTo set up the environment during the load

  1. On the Load Options screen:

    • Mark the Write restart information option.

    • In the Restart text member field, enter the name of the text object to which the restart information data is written. The text object must be contained in the Workplan library.


      Mark the Select text member field next to Restart text member and select a text object from the list of Workplans contained in the Workplan library.

    The Load Options screen is described in Work File and Report Options in the section Settings.

  2. Execute the load function.

Start of instruction setTo execute the restart load after an interrupted load

  1. In the Command line of the Object Handler screen, enter the following command:


    The Restart Options screen appears where you can specify a text object by entering a name in the Restart text member field or by marking Select text member and selecting a text object from a list.

    Use the following direct command:


    The syntax of RESTART is shown in the section Basic Command Syntax.

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