Natural CICS Interface Threadsafe Considerations

The Natural CICS Interface can be defined threadsafe and can take advantage of OTE TCBs to improve through-put.

This means that the Natural CICS Interface has to provide for extra serialization via CICS ENQ / DEQ when not running under the QR TCB.

To minimize these serialization efforts, it is highly recommended

  • to use TYPE=GETM threads without the THREADS parameter specified (or THREADS=0),

  • to use the Natural Roll Server rather than roll facilities in CICS.


  1. Adabas in CICS has to be threadsafe too, that is, this functionality cannot be used with Adabas versions prior to Version 8.
  2. All user programs defined as CSTATIC have to be threadsafe.
  3. All dynamic user programs which are invoked via standard linkage conventions either explicitly (that is, using the terminal command %P=S, %P=SC, *P=L or %P=LS) or implicitly (that is, when the NCIPARM generation parameter SLCALL is set to YES) have to be treadsafe.