Installation and Compatibility

License File

A product license file for Natural is required. In addition, product license files are required for Natural Batch for zIIP, Natural for CICS for zIIP, Natural for Com-plete for zIIP and Natural for IMS for zIIP, if installed.

For information on product licensing, see the Software AG Mainframe Product Licensing documentation.

Changes to Installation

This section describes the changes in the installation process of base Natural and the Natural add-on products released with this Natural version.

The sections indicated for more information are contained in the Natural Installation documentation, unless otherwise noted.

System Maintenance Aid: Readme File

For installation guidance and information on new or changed System Maintenance Aid (SMA) parameters and Natural features, you can view the product-specific Readme files by using the appropriate SMA function.

Start of instruction setTo view a product-specific Readme

  • From the product list on an SMA Maintenance screen, execute the RM (Show Readme File) command for the required product(s).


This section provides the latest information for this Natural release regarding compatibility with earlier versions of Natural for Mainframes as well as with Natural on other platforms.

For information regarding Software AG product compatibility with IBM platforms and any IBM requirements for Software AG products, please review the Product Compatibility for IBM Platforms web page at

Using Natural Objects Created in Previous Natural Versions

Natural objects that were created with Natural Version 2.3, 3.1, 4.1, 4.2 or 8.2 for Mainframes can be executed with Natural Version 9.1 without any adjustments to the objects or any conversion or migration procedure being required. This also applies to objects that have been cataloged with the Natural Optimizer Compiler.

Objects cataloged with a Natural Version prior to 2.3 must be recataloged before execution with Version 9.1. This also applies to data areas that are used by these objects.

Software AG strongly recommends that any existing objects be recataloged with Natural Version 9.1 to take advantage of improved runtime handling.

Special-Purpose Zaps

The following table lists Natural Version 9.1.1 Zaps and the special purposes they support:

Zap Special Purpose
NA17122 Allow index range of 1:9999 for MU/PE fields of VSAM files. Increase upper limit for MU and PE fields.

When a MU or PE field is defined, the permitted index range is 1:191 for VSAM files.

This Zap increases the upper limit to 9999.

NA93189 Suppress NAT3145 error information Suppress extra L2 calls to Adabas after a NAT3145 error has occurred.

If this Zap is applied, the application programming interface USR8202N no longer provides extended information on the NAT3145 error message.

NA93228 Migrate old maps Provide option to migrate Natural Version 4 maps that contain erroneous numeric field definitions to Natural Version 8.2.
NA95038 Resolve problems (RSP=46) during Natural mainframe calls to Adabas LUW Resolve problems that can arise when Natural calls Adabas on Linux, UNIX or Windows from a mainframe platform: an unexpected RSP=46 can occur if a READ loop at the level 1 (*LEVEL=1) ends with an End-of-File (RSP=3) and is executed multiple times. This occurs because Natural on the mainframe does not send a final RC command to release the Adabas format buffer if the READ receives RSP=3.
NA96036 Define Arabic comma as special character The Arabic comma is not defined as a special character in Natural.

If this Zap is applied, the Arabic comma is treated as a special character.

NA97069 Avoid user exit UEXITB in ADALNK to set a password Resolve problems with user exit UEXITB if used to set a password.

If this Zap is applied, the password provided in BB is used for the ADABAS call instead of the user exit UEXITB.