STACKD - Stack Delimiter Character

This Natural profile parameter specifies the character to be used as the command delimiter for the STACK parameter and for command input under the Natural Development Server (product code: NDV) in a Natural Single Point of Development environment.

Possible settings any special character Character to be used as the command delimiter.

The character must not be the same as the one specified with the ID profile/session parameter (input delimiter character), DC profile/session parameter (decimal character) or IA profile/session parameter (input assign character).

Default setting ; (semicolon)  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. To avoid that the value specified for the STACK parameter or the data passed as command input under the Natural Development Server is not interpreted as intended, the STACKD parameter value should be set to a character that is not contained in the data passed if the data contains the default value of the stack delimiter character (see example below). The STACKD parameter should be changed to a character other than the default character if the ID parameter has been set to the semicolon. For downward compatibility reasons, this restriction does not apply to STACKD=; (the default setting).
  2. The character specified may be enclosed with single quotes.
  3. If the input delimiter character is to be a comma, it must be specified as ID=',', because the comma (,) separates individual parameters.



To avoid that the semicolon after DUMP IOB is interpreted as a command delimiter, STACKD is set to '/'.