SELUNIT - Activate Selected Natural Features

This Natural profile parameter selects and activates or deactivates single or multiple new or changed Natural features supplied as selectable units.

For more information, see Selectable Units for New Natural Features in the Operations documentation.

Possible settings OFF All selectable units (Natural features) are deactivated; any keyword subparameter settings are switched off.
Un={ON|OFF} One or more selectable units (Natural features) are activated (ON) or deactivated (OFF) with the keyword subparameter Un: see SELUNIT Parameter Syntax.

The SHOWSU system command lists all selectable units available in your Natural environment and the selectable units that have been specified and activated. You can also use the SU line command/keyword of the SYSPROD system command to check whether selectable units are active.

Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

The setting of SELUNIT is ignored if no selectable units are provided in a Natural version.

Selectable Units Available

Selectable units are currently not available.

SELUNIT Parameter Syntax

The following syntax applies:

SELUNIT={OFF|({Un={ON|OFF}},...) }


n is a number from 1 to 24, each representing a specific feature as announced in the current Natural Release Notes for Mainframes.

Example of SELUNIT Parameter