DSIZE - Size of DBLOG Buffer

This Natural profile parameter specifies the size of the Natural DBLOG buffer.

Possible settings See DSIZE Parameter Syntax.
Default setting 2 initial-size
256 maximum-size
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. Alternatively, you can use the Natural profile parameter DS or macro NTDS to specify the size of the buffer.
  2. The Natural DBLOG buffer area is used by the DBLOG utility, which is described in the Utilities documentation.

DSIZE Parameter Syntax

The parameter syntax is as follows:







Syntax Element Value Explanation
initial-size 2 - 2097151 DBLOG buffer initial size in KB.

If the initial size is not sufficient, the DBLOG utility automatically increases the buffer size (repeatedly, if necessary) up to the specified maximum-size.

0 Disables the DBLOG utility.
maximum-size 2 - 2097151 DBLOG buffer maximum size in KB.

If the value is not greater than the initial-size, the buffer is not increased.

0 No increase limit.

Allows the DBLOG utility to increase the buffer up to the maximum of storage available.


DSIZE=100         * initial-size = 100              maximum-size =  256 (default)
DSIZE=(,2500)     * initial-size =   2 (default)    maximum-size = 2500
DSIZE=(50,800)    * initial-size =  50              maximum-size =  800