CPOBJIN - Code Page of Batch Input File

This Natural profile parameter specifies the code page of the batch input file CMOBJIN (see Natural in Batch Mode).

Possible settings 1 -64 characters

The name of the desired code page.

Any character string is possible, but must be predefined by one of the code page parameters CCSID, CCSN, IANA or ALIAS of the macro NTCPAGE in the source module NATCONFG.

' ' (blank) The code page resulting from the evaluation of the profile parameter CP is used.
Default setting ' ' (blank)  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. If Natural code page support is disabled (for example, by parameter CP=OFF), any value specified for this parameter is ignored.
  2. See also Profile Parameters and Macros in the Unicode and Code Page Support documentation.