BPMETH - Buffer Pool Space Search Algorithm

This Natural profile parameter specifies the search algorithm that is to be used for allocating storage in the Natural buffer pool.

Possible settings S This indicates that a selection process is to be used for allocating storage. The selection process consists of browsing the whole buffer pool directory and comparing different entries in order to find the most suitable entry. This method was formerly known as Algorithm 1+2.
N This indicates that the next available unused or free space is to be used. The search for the next available space is done from a pointer to a directory entry. The pointer moves in a wrap around fashion. This method may be used in combination with a buffer pool cache.
Default setting N  
Dynamic specification yes This parameter can only be specified dynamically.
Specification within session no  


  1. This Natural profile parameter corresponds to the METHOD subparameter of the BPI profile parameter or the NTBPI macro.
  2. Internally, the BPMETH specification is converted into the equivalent BPI specification; for example: BPMETH=S is converted into: BPI=(TYPE=NAT,SEQ=0,METHOD=S).
  3. The BPMETH parameter only applies to the primary Natural buffer pool (TYPE=NAT, SEQ=0). In the case of a global buffer pool, it is ignored. If there is a primary buffer pool with SEQ=0 in the Natural parameter module, only the METHOD setting of this buffer pool is updated.
  4. In multi-user environments (for example, under CICS), the BPMETH profile parameter only affects the very first Natural session which initializes the local buffer pool.
  5. For general information on the Natural buffer pool, see Natural Buffer Pool in the Operations documentation.