NAF - CALLNAT Handling - Function 23

With Natural Advanced Facilities, a large number of Natural subprograms is provided. They can be invoked by using a CALLNAT statement in a Natural program.

When you invoke this function, the CALLNATs screen appears with a list of all example programs available that invoke subprograms.

Time 15:16:14        *** Natural Spool Administration ***      Date 2002-10-23 
User SAG                           CALLNATs                    File 7/411      
Cmd  Example   Subprogram Comment                                         Prod
---  --------  ---------- ------------------------------------------------ ---
 _   USP0001P  USP0001N   Get currently active Logical Printers            NAF
 _   USP0002P  USP0002N   Get current status of a physical printer         NAF
 _   USP0003P  USP0003N   Get names of objects from spool file             NAF
 _   USP0004P  USP0004N   Get report data from spool file                  NAF
 _   USP0005P  USP0005N   Get currently active job numbers                 NAF
 _   USP0006P  USP0006N   Get currently active printers                    NAF
 _   USP0007P  USP0007N   Get currently assigned allocations               NAF
 _   USP0008P  USP0008N   Allocate physical printer for hardcopy           NAF
 _   USP0009P  USP0009N   Delete reports on spool file                     NAF
 _   USP0010P  USP0010N   Check a logical printer                          NAF
 _   USP0011P  USP0011N   Set a physical printer to status FREE            NAF
 _   USP0012P  USP0012N   Modify report attributes                         NAF
Keyword .... ________________
Mark line or use PF key.
Command ===> 
      Help  Menu  Exit                    --    +                       CANC

In the Cmd column, you can enter one of the following function codes:

Function Code Description
E Edit example source.
L List example source.
R Run example source.
X Execute example source.
D List documentation.
K List keywords attached to the object.

Example of Function Code D:

16:10:25  Text        USP0001T  Library SYSPOOL          User SAG    2002-10-23
Get currently active Logical Printers             NAF
Name of User API ........  USP0001N    /*  Cataloged interface
Name of Source ..........  USP0000P    /*  Example for the programmer
Function ................  Logical printers active for the current ses-
                           sion are returned to the calling program
Keywords ................  LPF, ACTIVE, NAF
Parameter layout:
  01 PARM-1  (A250)        /* First parameter
    02 PARM-11 (N2)          /* Number of entries
    02 PARM-12 (A8/1:31)     /* Logical Printers
  01 PARM-2  (B2)          /* Return code
Command ===>
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When the documentation exceeds one screen page, press Enter to display the next screen page.