Message Buffer Pool Messages

This section contains the messages that may be issued by the message buffer pool.

For information on this buffer pool, see Message Buffer Pool in the Operations documentation.

Message Explanation
MTBP001 Work buffer could not be obtained: xxxx
MTBP002 Bad return code from IEANTRT: xxxx
MTBP003 Bad return code from IEANTCR: xxxx
MTBP004 Allocation of an ECSA directory segment failed: xxxx
MTBP005 A recursive abend occurred. Now waiting for CANCEL cmd
MTBP006 Message BP handler is active
MTBP007 Other than MODIFY or STOP command received
MTBP008 Reserved for command echo message (The text is: Received command: xxxx)
MTBP009 Invalid command, nothing specified
MTBP010 Negative command/keyword length encountered
MTBP011 Invalid command: xxxx
MTBP012 More than one command: xxxx
MTBP013 Invalid parameter keyword: xxxx
MTBP014 Invalid BPNAME specified
MTBP015 Invalid SUBSID specified
MTBP016 Invalid SIZE specified
MTBP017 Buffer pool is already allocated: xxxx
MTBP018 Allocation of IDT segment failed: xxxx
MTBP019 DSPSERV CREATE failed with reason: xxxx
MTBP020 ALESERV ADD failed with return code: xxxx
MTBP021 Subsystem not active: xxxx
MTBP022 Buffer pool not active: xxxx
MTBP023 ALESERV DELETE failed with return code: xxxx
MTBP024 DSPSERV DELETE failed with reason code: xxxx
MTBP025 Message BP is deactivated now: xxxx
MTBP026 Message BP is active now: xxxx
MTBP027 Buffer pool table full
MTBP028 Other than MODIFY or STOP command received
MTBP029 Allocation of LX memory failed: xxxx
MTBP030 DDNAME missing for input file: xxxx
MTBP031 DDNAME not specified or invalid
MTBP032 OPEN for command input file failed: xxxx
MTBP033 No Zaps are applied
MTBP034 DD statement for SNAP missing: xxxx
MTBP035 OPEN for SNAP failed: xxxx
MTBP036 DDNAME too long
MTBP037 Invalid value specified for AREA
MTBP038 Invalid BPLIST specified
MTBP039 Subsystem xxxx in use by another message BP handler