Setting the Editor Profile

Each user has an editor profile with parameters which can be set according to individual needs. The first time you invoke the editor, it uses the default values determined by your administrator.

You can modify single settings in your editor profile using appropriate commands. The new settings are valid for the remainder of the editing session or until you change them again using the appropriate commands.

Start of instruction setTo display the current settings of your editor profile

  1. Issue the following main command:


    For details, see PROFILE in Summary of Main Commands.

    The following lines appear at the top of the editor screen:

    EDIT-NAT:NATLIB1(JOB1JCL)-Program->Struct-Free-78K ------------ Columns 001 072
     COMMAND===>                                                    SCROLL===> CSR 
    ****** ****************************** top of data *****************************
    =prof> date: 16/04/08 15:37:17 user: SAG      init size: 0 size: 0             
    =prof> var   - 88,..recovery on  (7 0)...autosave off... empty line off        
    =prof> mask off.caps on .hex off  nulls on  std.autoren off .auto order off    
    =prof> log on  1.mso on .fix off .escape off   tabs off                        
    =prof> advance on .protect off.limit off                                       
    ****** **************************** bottom of data ****************************
          Help  Split End   Suspe Rfind Rchan Up    Down  Swap  Left  Right Curso

    The individual items of the editor profile are described in the following section.

Editor Profile Items

This section describes the editor profile items and the appropriate main commands that can be used to change these items.

For explanations of the syntax symbols used in the main commands, refer to System Command Syntax in the System Commands documentation.

For detailed information on the main commands listed, refer to Summary of Main Commands.

Profile Item Description Main Command
advance  Specifies whether the cursor moves to the next line automatically after a line update. ADVANCE {ON|OFF|PAGE}
auto order  Automatically justifies text within defined boundaries. AORDER ON|OFF
autoren  Specifies whether the editor activates or deactivates the RENUMBER function. AUTOREN ON|OFF
autosave  Activates or deactivates automatic save when END command is issued. AUTOSAVE ON|OFF
caps  Specifies whether data is to be translated into upper case. CAPS ON|OFF|PGM
date  Current date and time.

Non-modifiable item.

empty line  Specifies if lines containing only space characters are to be deleted automatically. EMPTY ON|OFF
escape  Specifies whether escape character is used to precede line commands. ESCAPE ON|OFF [char]
fix  Specifies whether fixed number of columns are displayed and how many columns are to be fixed. FIX ON|OFF n
hex  Specifies whether data is to be displayed in hexadecimal format. HEX ON|OFF
init size Number of lines in object when editor was invoked.

Non-modifiable item.

limit  Specifies the maximum number of lines to be searched by a FIND or RFIND command. LIMIT n
log  Enables or disables log file. When enabled, UNDO command can be used to backout last changes. LOG ON|OFF
mask  Activates or deactivates the mask line function. MASK ON|OFF
mso  Indicates that multiple-session operations are allowed. A multiple-session operation is an operation in which data is exchanged between two editing sessions, for example, when copying data from one object to another.

Non-modifiable item.

nulls  Specifies whether the end of each source-code line is to be filled with null characters. NULLS ON|OFF
protect  Specifies protection of the prefix area. PROTECT ON|OFF|INS
recovery  Activates or deactivates recovery function, specifies how often checkpoint save is made. RECOVERY ON|OFF n
size  Current number of lines in the object, excluding information lines (for example profile lines and message lines).

Non-modifiable item.

tabs  Activates or deactivates tabulation. TABS ON|OFF
var  Specifies current line length. BNDS n m
user  Current logon user.

Non-modifiable item.