Testing and Saving a Map

In this session, you will test the layout of a map, leave the map editing area, and save a map as a source object.

Start of instruction setTo test a map and save it as a source object

  1. In the editing area, press PF4.

    The map is shown in the layout view in which it will appear on the screen when executing the program that references the map:

     07-12-14                    PERSONNEL INFORMATION                             
    PLEASE ENTER NAME: ________________________________________                    
    PLEASE ENTER CITY: ____________________                                        
  2. Press PF3.

    The test is terminated and the map editing area appears.

  3. Press PF3.

    The Field and Variable Definitions - Summary screen appears. This screen will be discussed in a later session of this tutorial.

  4. Press ENTER.

    The Edit Map menu appears with the Name field set to MAP001.

  5. In the Code field, enter an S and press ENTER.

    The map is stored as a source object with the name MAP001 in the current Natural library in the current system file.

You can now proceed with Defining Processing Rules.