Invoking and Leaving the Map Editor

This section describes how to invoke and leave the map editor.

Invoking the Editor

There are different commands you can use to invoke the editor for creating a new map or editing an existing one.

Start of instruction setTo invoke the map editor for a new map

  • Enter either of the following system commands:



    E M

    (command abbreviation)

    If there is already a map in the source area, the map definition of this map is displayed in the map editing area (see also Editing a Map). You can clear the source area by entering the system command CLEAR before you invoke the map editor.

    If the source area is empty, an Edit Map menu similar to the example below appears:

    13:05:54                ***** NATURAL MAP EDITOR *****               2014-07-14
    User SAG                         - Edit Map -                  Library SYSTEM  
                       Code    Function                                            
                       ----    ---------------------------------                   
                         D     Field and Variable Definitions                      
                         E     Edit Map                                            
                         I     Initialize new Map                                  
                         H     Initialize a new Help Map                           
                         M     Maintenance of Profiles & Devices                   
                         S     Save Map                                            
                         T     Test Map                                            
                         W     Stow Map                                            
                         ?     Help                                                
                         .     Exit                                                
                 Code .. I     Name .. ________       Profile .. SYSPROF_          
    Command ===>                                                                   
          Help        Exit  Test  Edit

    The Edit Map menu is the main menu of the map editor. The menu functions are described in Functions in the Edit Map Menu. The fields contained in the upper and lower screen section are described in the following table:

    Field Explanation
    User The Natural user ID of the current user.
    Library The Natural library ID currently in effect.
    Code The code of the function to be executed (see Functions in the Edit Map Menu).
    Name The source object which contains the map or help map.

    For multi-lingual maps, one digit of the source object name should be reserved for the language code. For example:

    USERMAP1 (language code is 1)

    The map above is called from the program by:


    where & is replaced with the content of the system variable *LANGUAGE at execution time.

    Profile The session profile currently in effect.

    The profile name is set to the current library ID. If this profile ID is not available, it is set to the current user ID. If this profile ID is not available, the profile name is set to SYSPROF.

Start of instruction setTo invoke the map editor for an existing map

  • Enter the following system command:

    EDIT map-name

    or use the abbreviation

    E map-name

    where map-name denotes the name of the map to be edited.

    If a map with the specified name exists as a source object in the current library and has not been locked by another user, the map definition of this map is displayed in the editing area of the map editor (see also Editing a Map).

    Locking of a map avoids concurrent source updates and depends on the current setting of the profile parameter SLOCK (see also SLOCK - Source Locking in the Parameter Reference documentation).

    If the map you want to edit is still contained in the source area from an earlier editor session, you can also use the following command:

    E M

Leaving the Editor

Start of instruction setTo leave the map editor

  • In the Edit Map menu, press PF3 or enter a period (.) in the Code field.

    In the command line, enter a period (.) or the command EXIT.

The map editor uses the current setting of the editor profile option Leave Editor with Unlock which determines whether to unlock source code when leaving the map editor. This option is described in General Defaults in Editor Profile in the section General Information.