Invoking and Terminating SYSDDM

This section provides instructions for invoking and terminating the utility SYSDDM.

Start of instruction setTo invoke the SYSDDM utility

  • Enter the following Natural system command:



    1. From the Natural main menu, choose Maintenance and Transfer Utilities to display the Maintenance and Transfer Utilities menu.

    2. From the Maintenance and Transfer Utilities menu, choose Maintain DDMs.

    The menu of the SYSDDM utility appears as shown in the example below:

    10:01:44              ***** NATURAL SYSDDM UTILITY *****             2019-07-24
    User SAG                           - Menu -                       FDIC (10,460)
                                                                 Work area empty   
                 DDM Maintenance         List/Copy Services                        
                 E  Edit DDM             L  List DDMs                              
                 R  Read DDM             X  List DDMs with Additional Information  
                 C  Catalog DDM          S  Show Defined DBIDs and Used FNRs       
                 U  Delete DDM           M  Copy DDM to Another FDIC File          
                 ?  Help                                                           
                 .  Exit                 Other Services                            
                                         G  Generate DDM from Adabas FDT           
                                         B  SQL Services (NDB)                 
                                         D  DL/I Services                          
                                         Z  SQL Services (NSB)                     
     Code ...... _                                 FDIC Type ........ A            
     DDM Name .. ________________________________  DDM Type ......... _            
     FNR ....... 0     DBID .. 0                   Adabas Password ..              
     Replace ... N                                 DBID Type ........ 7            
    Command ===>                                                                   
          Help        Exit                                                  Canc

    The fields and functions provided on the SYSDDM utility menu are explained in the section Using SYSDDM Maintenance and Service Functions.

Start of instruction setTo terminate the SYSDDM utility

  • In the SYSDDM utility menu, press PF3 (Exit).

    In the command line, enter a period (.).