General Information

With Natural for DL/I, a Natural user can access and update data stored in a DL/I database. The Natural user can be executing in batch mode or under the control of the TP monitor CICS or IMS TM.

A DL/I database is represented to Natural as a set of files, each file representing one database segment type. Each file or segment type must have an associated DDM generated and stored on the Natural system file FDIC.

Since Natural for DL/I is an extension to Natural, nearly all of the information contained in the Natural documentation applies to its use in the DL/I environment as well as in the Adabas environment.

The Natural statements used to access DL/I databases are a subset of those provided with the Natural language. No new statements are needed to access a DL/I database.

Applications developed using Natural for DL/I operate as standard DL/I applications. This means that all access to DL/I databases performed by Natural follows the DL/I product conventions. For an online Natural session or batch Natural program to issue a DL/I database call, a PSB must first be scheduled. The PCB in use must have segment sensitivity and the appropriate PROCOPT parameter must be specified for Natural, to be able to perform a segment update. Only standard DL/I database calls are issued by Natural.