User Session Data

Each Natural user session (online or batch) is assigned a separate work area that contains the data of this session. User session data is saved for the duration of the online or batch session.

The work area comprises a set of Natural buffers. A buffer is a storage unit that holds a particular block of data such as variable data referenced in a Natural program.

As illustrated in the diagram above, the size of a buffer can be specified with a Natural parameter, except for internal or variable Natural buffers. For example, the Natural profile parameter ESIZE determines the size of the source area assigned to a Natural editor for editing source code. The profile parameter DATSIZE determines the size assigned for holding local data from a Natural program (and subordinate objects if invoked by the program) at execution time.

Natural provides buffer usage statistics with information on the buffers allocated for the current session, their sizes, and the actual buffer space being used; see the relevant documentation sections in Related Topics below.

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