Invoking SYSERR

This section describes how to execute the SYSERR utility.

Execute SYSERR

Start of instruction set To execute the SYSERR utility

  • In the command line of the Natural Main Menu, enter the following system command:


    The Menu of the SYSERR utility is displayed:

    16:10:42              ***** NATURAL SYSERR UTILITY *****             2008-09-18
                                       - Menu -                                    
                     Code  Function                                                
                     ----  ----------------------------------------                
                      AD   Add new messages                                        
                      DE   Delete messages                                         
                      DI   Display messages                                        
                      MO   Modify messages                                         
                      PR   Print messages                                          
                      SC   Scan in messages                                        
                      SE   Select messages from a list                             
                      TR   Translate messages into another language                
                      ?    Help                                                    
                      .    Exit                                                    
                     ----  ----------------------------------------                
              Code .. __   Message type .... US                                    
                           Library ......... SYSTEM__                              
                           Message number .. 1___ - 9999                           
                           Language codes .. 1________                             
    Please enter code.                                                             
    Command ===>                                                                   
          Help        Exit                                                  Canc

From the Menu of the SYSERR utility, you can execute all SYSERR functions available for creating and maintaining messages. The individual functions are explained in the section Functions. The parameters that apply with the functions are explained in general in the section Parameters, any restrictions that apply to the use of these parameters are described for each function concerned in the section Functions.

The SYSERR utility provides an extensive online help system. To obtain field-specific help information, either enter a question mark in the relevant field and press ENTER or place the cursor in the field and press PF1.