Direct Commands

From the SYSERR main menu, you can execute the following commands by entering them in the command line:

Command Explanation
LAYOUT Specifies valid message ranges to categorize messages. Overlapping of ranges is possible. A new message can only be added if its number is within the range specified in the layout.
NEXT Searches for the next free message number within the message number range specified. Free means that this message number is available and has not yet been assigned to a message file in any language.
NEXTTAB Same as NEXT, but returns a list of message numbers from which you can select a number. 
RESTART Re-initializes SYSERR (and its default values) without leaving the utility.
SAMPLE Invokes the Edit SAMPLE message window where you create or modify a sample message to be used as a master for creating new short messages.

To create or modify a sample message, proceed as follows:

  • In the editor area of the Edit SAMPLE message window, type in the message text required or modify the existing text. If you enter the string 0000 (combined with text or not), the string 0000 is replaced by the number of the new message when copying the message. See also Step 4 of Adding Messages in the section Functions.

  • In the Read or Write sample field, enter a W to save your entries.

  • In the Library field, enter the name of the library for which the sample message is to be used. If you leave the Library field blank, the sample applies to Natural system messages.

  • Press PF3 to exit the Edit SAMPLE message window.

You can define one sample message for each language and library.

SECURITY Invokes a security window where you can enter a password and cipher code for accessing security-protected Adabas and VSAM files.
SHIFT If activated, automatically shifts the text of a short message to the left margin when confirming a modification or adding a new message.
TRACE Counts the number of database accesses. When the message number specified has been reached, a window is displayed. The default number is 900. If set to 0, the trace facility is shut off. The commands TRACE ON and TRACE OFF can be entered directly in the command line. TRACE ON sets the access counter to 900; TRACE OFF sets the access counter to 0.
USEREXIT Invokes the USEREXIT program in the Natural system library SYSERR.