This command is used to invoke the debugger.

TEST If you enter the system command TEST without parameters, the main menu of the debugger is displayed.
TEST ON Activates the test mode of the debugger.
TEST OFF Deactivates the test mode of the debugger.
debugger-commands The direct commands that execute debug functions are explained in the section Command Summary and Syntax in the Debugger documentation.

To invoke the debugger from any point in an application, you can also use the terminal command %<TEST.

For further information, see the Debugger documentation.

The Utilities documentation also contains information on other Natural utilities used for online testing and monitoring.

Note Concerning Natural Single Point of Development:

This command is for mainframes only. If a user has written a program called TEST, then Natural will execute that program when this command is issued in a Windows (or UNIX or OpenVMS) local environment. If there is an active connection to a development server on a mainframe, the mainframe utility TEST is invoked when this command is issued under Natural for Windows.