This command is used to return to a previous (or initial) Natural application.

Application programming interface: USR1026N. See SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.


If RETURN is specified without any parameters, control will be returned to the previous application (as defined with the system command SETUP). All information about this previous application will be deleted. If no previous application exists, control is returned to the initial application.

If RETURN is issued and no return point is set, the RETURN command will be ignored.

Under Natural Security:

A LOGOFF command will be executed if RETURN is issued and no return point has been set.

RETURN I This command causes control to be returned directly to the initial application. This option also causes Natural to delete all definitions of previous applications (except that of the initial application).
RETURN nn This command causes control to be returned to the nnth previous application. When this option is used, all information for applications subsequent to the nnth application is deleted.
RETURN * This command will display a list of all return points which are currently set up. On the list you may then select the return point to which you wish to return.

See the SETUP command for further information and examples.