LOGON library-id [password]

Related command: LOGOFF.

This command is used to log on to a library in your environment or create a new library. In the specified library, all newly created source or object programs saved during the session will be stored (unless you explicitly specify another library ID in a SAVE, CATALOG or STOW command).

The LOGON command has no direct effect on the source program in the currently active window.

LOGON causes all Natural global data areas and application independent variables (AIVs), all assignments made using the SET KEY statement and retained ISN lists to be released. Data definition modules (DDMs) contained in the DDM buffer area are also released.

See also Library Naming Conventions in the Using Natural documentation.

LOGON library-id The library ID can be 1 to 8 characters long and must not contain blanks. It can consist of the following characters:
A - Z upper-case alphabetical characters
0 - 9 numeric characters
- hyphen
_ underscore
The first character of a library ID must be an upper-case alphabetical character.
LOGON library-id password The Adabas password; see Session Parameters in section Library Maintenance of the Natural Security documentation.

For information on LOGON processing under Natural Security, see Logging On in the Natural Security documentation.