1. This command is only available with Natural for DB2.
  2. LISTDBRM has to be issued from the Natural system library SYSDB2, which means you have to log on to SYSDB2 first and then enter the command LISTDBRM.

The LISTDBRM command is used to display existing DBRMs of Natural programs or Natural programs referencing a given DBRM.

When the command is used with Natural for DB2, the following menu is displayed:

  14:29:18               ***** NATURAL TOOLS FOR SQL *****            2010-02-02
                                 - List DBRM -                                 
                      Code Function                                            
                       D   Display DBRMs of Programs                           
                       R   List Programs Referencing DBRM                      
                       ?   Help                                                
                       .   Exit                                                
               Code .. _   Library .. ________                                 
                           Member ... ________                                 
                           DBRM ..... ________                                 
Command ===>                                                                   
        Help        Exit                                                  Canc

The following functions are available:

Code Description
D Displays programs that have access to DB2, and their corresponding package (DBRM).

If no DBRM name is shown, the corresponding program uses dynamic SQL.

R Lists all programs that use a given package (DBRM). If no DBRM name is specified, all programs that use dynamic SQL are listed.

The following parameters apply:

Parameter Description
Library Specifies the name of a Natural library.

Library names beginning with SYS are not permitted.This parameter must be specified.

Member Specifies the name of the Natural program (member) to be displayed.

This parameter is optional and can be used to limit the output.

If a value is specified followed by an asterisk (*), all members in the specified library with names beginning with this value are listed.

If the Member field is left blank, or if an asterisk is specified only, all members in the specified library are listed.

DBRM Specifies a valid package (DBRM) name.

If left blank, programs that run dynamically are referenced.

This parameter applies to function code R only.

Sample List DBRM Result Screen

  14:29:22                ***** LISTDBRM Command *****                2010-02-02
      Library  Name     Type         DBRM       User ID   Date       Time        
      -------- -------- -----------  --------   --------  --------   --------    
      EXAMPLE  PROG1    Program      PACK1      SAG       2006-03-17 11:10:43    
      EXAMPLE  PROG2    Program      PACK1      SAG       2006-03-17 11:10:48    
      EXAMPLE  PROG3    Program      PACK2      SAG       2006-03-17 11:11:04    
      EXAMPLE  PROG4    Program                 SAG       2006-03-17 11:11:07