The Natural object type "text" is used to write text rather than programs.

This document covers the following topics:

Use of Text Objects

You can use this type of object to document Natural objects in more detail than you can, for example, within the source code of a program.

Text objects may also be useful at sites where Predict is not available for program documentation purposes.

Writing Text

You write the text using the program editor.

The only difference in handling as opposed to writing programs is that there is no lower to upper case translation, that is, the text you write stays as it is.

You can remove empty lines by setting the editor profile option Empty Line Suppression for Text to Y. See also Editor Defaults and General Defaults in the Editors documentation.

You can write any text you wish (there is no syntax check).

Text objects can only be saved with the system command SAVE, they cannot be stowed with the system command STOW. They cannot be executed using the system command RUN, but only displayed in the editor.