SSIZE - Size of Source Area Allocated by the Editors

This Natural profile parameter determines the size of the buffer used by the Software AG Editor.

Possible settings 40 - 512 Buffer size in KB.

If SSIZE=0 or if the required space is not available, the Software AG Editor cannot be used.

Default setting 64  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. Alternatively, you can use the equivalent Natural profile parameter DS or the macro NTDS to specify the size of the buffer.
  2. If you have defined an Editor work file with a record length greater than 4 KB (default), you should use an SSIZE value greater than 64 KB. There are two work file record buffers allocated within the SSIZE. Therefore, you should add two times your work file record buffer size minus 4 KB to your SSIZE. Example: Your Editor work file has a record length of 10 KB. Then use at least SSIZE=76 (that is, 64+2*(10-4)).
  3. For further information about the SAG Editor work file, see Operating the Software AG Editor, Editor Work File in the Operations documentation.