PSEUDO - CICS Pseudo-Conversational Mode

This Natural profile parameter controls the mode of operation under CICS.

When Natural is executing under control of the TP monitor CICS, two modes are possible: conversational and pseudo-conversational.

Possible settings ON PSEUDO=ON enables pseudo-conversational mode.

In this mode, a Natural session is a sequence of different transactions. After each output to the terminal, all Natural work areas are saved and the transaction is terminated. When the user responds to a message by pressing ENTER (or any other input key), a new transaction is initiated. The Natural work areas are restored, the terminal input is read and the Natural session is continued. The transaction identification of each following transaction can be set dynamically by calling the subroutine CMTRNSET, which is provided in the library SYSEXTP.

OFF PSEUDO=OFF disables pseudo-conversational mode and enables conversational mode.


  1. In conversational mode, a Natural session is one transaction which is active for as long as the Natural session is active.
  2. Note for CICS: A specification of PSEUDO=OFF is ignored for Natural server sessions. See Natural Server Sessions under CICS in the Operations documentation.
Default setting ON  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

For more information, refer to Natural under CICS, section TYPE - Thread Type for Group in the TP Monitor Interfaces documentation.