HCDEST - Hardcopy Output Destination

This Natural profile parameter presets the hardcopy output destination for the terminal command %H (without the destination operand).

Possible settings 1 - 8 characters Valid hardcopy output destination.  
Default setting blank

In some environments, a default destination may be supplied by the operating system or TP monitor. If HCAM=STD is assigned for hardcopy, the default hardcopy output destination is the data set CMHCOPY.

Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session yes

The hardcopy output destination can be overwritten during the session by specifying %Hdestination; see also the terminal command %H.


  1. HCDEST=value is equivalent to the DEST subparameter of the profile parameter PRINT for Print File 0, that is, PRINT=((0),DEST=value).
  2. If you are running Natural under TSO or in batch mode, the data set must be defined in the JCL or by dynamic allocation.
  3. Under TSO, the hardcopy data set specified by HCDEST is closed after %H at the next terminal I/O. The default CMHCOPY data set is closed not at terminal I/O, but at session termination.
  4. The hardcopy output access method can be specified by profile parameter HCAM or by the DEST subparameter of profile parameter PRINT for Printer 0. More specifications for the hardcopy output file can be made using the profile parameter PRINT or the macro NTPRINT for Printer 0.