ETRACE - External Trace Function

This Natural profile parameter is used to activate/deactivate the (normal) external trace function or the Generalized Trace Facility (GTF) offered under z/OS and TSO.

Do not use this parameter without prior consultation of Software AG Support.
Possible settings ON Activates the (normal) external trace function.
OFF Deactivates the (normal) external trace function.


Activates/deactivates the Generalized Trace Facility (GTF). The trace records are written to the GTF.


Activates/deactivates the (normal) external trace function.
(,GTF) Equivalent to ETRACE=GTF. Trace data is written to the GTF. ON or OFF is not altered.
Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session yes Within a Natural session, the terminal command %TRE can be used to activate/deactivate the external trace function, except GTF.


  1. The trace function is intended primarily for Software AG internal use for debugging purposes. It writes trace data to an external trace data set depending on the TP environment in which Natural is running.
  2. In batch and TSO environments, a data set is required for the external trace (see also CMTRACE - Optional Report Output for Natural Tracing in the Operations documentation).