ESIZE - Size of User-Buffer Extension Area

This Natural profile parameter sets the size of the user-buffer extension area. It determines the size of the Natural source area which is used by the Natural editors.

Possible settings 2 - 32767

Size of buffer extension area in KB.

In a runtime environment (where the editors are not used), you can only set a value smaller than the default setting.

Default setting 28  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

The user-buffer extension area contains:

  • the source code of the Natural object to be compiled,

  • the table of currently active PA/PF keys,

  • other tables and work areas internally used by Natural.


  1. In a production environment, Natural sources are not needed and the ESIZE value can therefore be reduced accordingly.
  2. If this area is not large enough to contain the necessary information, the Natural error message NAT0886 is issued.