ASIZE - Entire System Server Auxiliary Buffer

This Natural profile parameter determines the size of the Entire System Server auxiliary buffer.

Possible settings 64 - 512 Buffer size in KB.


  1. If Entire System Server is to be used, this parameter must be set; see the Entire System Server documentation.
  2. The value of 96 is recommended. It should be sufficient for most applications.
  3. An ASIZE in excess of 96 KB is needed to enable calls transporting larger amounts of data in multiple value fields to the Entire System Server. For example, the view SEND-EMAIL may contain 3 times 20 e-mail addresses, each address being defined to consist of 128 characters.
0 If ASIZE=0 is specified or if the requested space is not available, the Entire System Server is not activated.
Default setting 0  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. ASIZE only applies if Entire System Server is installed.
  2. As an alternative to ASIZE, you can use the equivalent Natural profile parameter DS or macro NTDS to specify the size of the buffer.