ADAACBX – Use of the Extended Adabas Control Block

This profile parameter determines whether the Natural nucleus uses ACBX (extended Adabas control block) calls to access Natural system files instead of ACB (classic Adabas control block) calls if running with Adabas Version 8 or above.

Possible settings ON The extended Adabas control block (ACBX) is used for Natural system file access.
OFF The classic Adabas control block (ACB) is used for Natural system file access.
Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

If you have Adabas link routine user exits that expect the ACB layout, you must set ADAACBX=OFF to avoid problems.

ADAACBX does not affect Adabas calls submitted by Natural programs. Their use of the ACBX is controlled by the Adabas version specified as the database type with the profile parameter DB, for example, DB=(ADAV8) for Adabas Version 8. The ACBX is used since Adabas Version 8.

We recommend that you set ADAACBX=ON. In this case, Natural objects are loaded in chunks of 64 KB instead of 32 KB from the Natural system file thus reducing the number of Adabas calls for large objects. In consequence, you must consider the following:

  • The storage requirements in the Natural address space are increased by 64 KB.

  • The Adabas LU parameter must be set to 64 KB (default) or above.

  • The number of Adabas attached buffers may have to be increased.