Entire Transaction Propagator

Normally, a replicated file requires an intricate control process to ensure data integrity in all file copies after each change. For distributed systems with a high ratio of read transactions compared to write transactions, however, such critical control may be unnecessary. The Entire Transaction Propagator (ETP) provides an alternative replicated file concept using a less critical control process, but with virtually all the other advantages of replicated files.

ETP allows Adabas users to have duplicate, or replicate, database files in a single database or distributed network. The copies can be distributed throughout a network to provide quick, economical access at user locations.

This documentation contains all information required to use Software AG's Entire Transaction Propagator (ETP) for replicate database files. The documentation describes the replicate file concept used by ETP, how it operates and how to control ETP using its online maintenance system.

The ETP documentation is intended for those who are planning for distributed database processing, are looking for a solution that combines databases into a central database resource, or are installing or already using a distributed Adabas/Net-work system.

Features, Enhancements and Corrections in ETP Version 1.5.2 Describes the new features introduced with the current version of ETP.
Introducing ETP Describes the ETP concept for replicated files. Readers of this chapter will see the advantages of an ETP environment, and be able to recognize the benefits for their own specific requirements.
ETP Setup Provides start-up information as well as tips for operating ETP most effectively.
Programming ETP Explains the ETP user program considerations.
Operations and Administration Describes the ETP online maintenance and how the ETP administrator can use them to manage ETP to ensure the most effective operation.
ETP Interface for CICS Describes the ETP Interface for CICS required for using ETP with 3GL programs under CICS.
Glossary of ETP Terms Defines the terms that are referred to in the ETP documentation.

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